“Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, Please Stick to the Rivers and the Lakes that You’re Used to.” – Key Terms for Downstream Contacts

Downstream subcontractors and vendors can often be great partners on a project, but what happens when the subcontractor or vendor:

  • is behind schedule and you are facing LDs along with potential delay and acceleration costs from your customer;
  • fails to pay their subcontractors and suppliers;
  • presents you with change orders you did not expect at the end of the Project, or after the Project is complete;
  • has an employee with an on-site injury or fatality which may subject all parties to OSHA citations; or
  • is otherwise is not performing work in accordance with the Contract?

This webinar will address typical disputes that arise with subcontractors for steel fabricators and how fabricators can use contracts, surety bonding, and management tools to mitigate the risks and magnitude of those disputes.


Angela Richie

Partner, Louisville


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